Miriam: a portrait of a single ancient juniper

At Hepple we are fanatical about juniper. Miriam is the latest incarnation of this love affair. We name our most ancient female junipers, and Miriam, in a grove named after Walter’s many aunts, is one of our favourite, and one of the oldest on the estate. It was these magnificent plants that first inspired us to create Hepple Gin, and this year we decided to construct a liquid portrait of just her alone, the first of a series of A Singular Ancient Lady.

In order to achieve her likeness in flavour we have used some of her ripe purple berries, fresh green berries, perfumed needles and fragrant wood. These distinctive features are captured using a combination of our pioneering technologies. (In fact, the small wooden neck tag is, in fact, a piece of the wood from Miriam that we used to age the spirit.)

The result is an extremely rare and distinctive elixir. 266 bottles only have been produced. We recommend that you enjoy it as you would a fine cognac or whisky, with perhaps just a splash of water. Please note that we have done minimal filtration so it is only natural that louching – cloudiness – may occur when you add water.

As you sip, perhaps you could reflect on the fact that what you are tasting is the distillation of centuries of history as absorbed by one resilient and beautiful plant; Miriam. Please join us in raising a glass to these remarkable plants that have been resident here for so many years and with your help hopefully for many centuries to come. Many thanks to the talented Tom Bunning for taking the beautiful photographic portrait of Miriam that adorns the label.