Rare Roe Deer Fillet With Herbs

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Rare Roe Deer Fillet With Herbs


Rare Roe Deer Fillet With Herbs
Serves 2-4

Remember here that for the soft decorative herbs you can use what’s available and so the below is really just what was gathered over an unusually sunny day in the Northumberland wilds and Hepple’s Kitchen garden. In the knowledge, I’d add, that was lives together most likely will go well together upon a plate.

125g Roe dear strip loin, trimmed
1 tsp Dried oregano
1 tsp Dried thyme
½ tsp caraway seeds
½ tsp cumin seeds
Smoked salt
Black pepper
Sunflower oil
3 tsp Organic rapeseed oil or further sunflower oil
½ tsp Dill flowers
½ tsp Water mint flowers
A few wood sorrel leaves
6 Toasted crushed hazel or cob nuts, optional
8 unripe blueberries, sliced in half (use rinsed and drained baby capers or fresh redcurrants)
A little lemon finely zest
Fresh green fennel seeds


• Roll the strip loin in the dried seeds and herbs and season well with smoked salt and pepper
• Sear in a hot pan until rare to medium rare at most.
• Allow to rest
• Slice as thinly as you are able and slightly press each slice out to a little thinner but without tearing it.
• Arrange slices on a plate and drizzle with the rapeseed oil. Season well with smoked salt and a little more pepper
• Scatter the remaining herbs nuts and zest about the meat and serve.