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Kipper Rarebits


50g Butter
3 tbls Plain flour
175ml Brown ale
1 tbls Worcestershire sauce
15g English mustard
100g Strong mature cheddar
2 tbls of double cream
1 Kipper fillet (half of a skinned and uncooked kipper), very finely diced
100g Panko breadcrumbs
Cayenne pepper


• In a small pan melt the butter and then thoroughly stir in the flour banishing any lumps.
• Rapid simmer rather than boil, allowing it to bubble for little more than 30 seconds.
• Add the beer bit by bit stirring or whisking all the time. Add the Worcestershire sauce and mustard then stir in the cheese and continue to stir until totally melted
• Stir in the cream and kipper pieces
• Spoon the mixture over the grease proof paper, lining a small oven dish. The mix should be spread to about one centimetre in height
• Cover and put in the fridge to cool and stiffen
• When cooled remove the mix from the tray and trim the edges
• Cut the mix into squares or oblongs.
• Prepare the flour egg and breadcrumbs for dredging and turn your deep fryer to 170C. Frying can also be done in a pan with a thermometer. (Take due care)
• Roll in flour
• Dip in the beaten egg
• Roll in the breadcrumbs
• Deep fry the little brutes turning in the oil if needs be. When ready they should be a deep golden orangey brown all over.
• Drain on kitchen paper and dust with a little cayenne pepper followed by a scattering of chives before moving onto desired side plate. Serve one of these crispy joys per one ice cold Hepple martini
• NOTE: They will contain a velvety and runny, hot, cheesy magma within so take due care when biting into them.