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Fresh Tomatoes And Porcini On Toast


Serves 6

So simple, so delicious

6 Baguette slices cut thinly at an angle
2 small cloves of good fresh garlic, peeled
1 tbls Chives, chopped very, very finely
¼ tbls Fresh tarragon leaves, chopped very, very finely
Small pinch of chilli flakes
Juice of one small unwaxed lemon
Just under 1 tsp of flaked sea salt
2 tbls Gentle and mild, extra virgin olive oil
2 Small tight firm porcini mushrooms
3 Very good quality medium-small, ripe greenhouse tomatoes


• Toast the baguette slices on both sides, with a little olive oil drizzled over them and then place under the grill. Grill until crisp and golden at the edges and interior yet faintly soft in the centre.
• Rub lightly on one side with the fresh garlic.
• Mix together the herbs chilli, lemon oil and salt.
• Slice the cep mushrooms paper thin and trying to keep them whole and put to one side.
• Slice the tomato very thinly and lay a slightly over lapping layer of them over the he toastlet.
• Mix the dressing and spoon a little over the tomatoes
• Now place a layer of the fresh cep mushrooms over the tomatoes, overlapping them considerably so as to include a few more slices.
• Drizzle the herb dressing over the raw mushrooms
• Arrange on a board and serve immediately